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The company was founded by Pietro Taliani in 1912 with the collection of scrap iron and their resale to the steel mills.

With the untimely death of Peter the reins were taken from the second son Joseph, who was able to give great impetus so that during the Second World War obtained the concession for the dismantling and recovery of delete and railings of a large area in Tuscany. The material was used in the country for the production of articles of war.
After the war Joseph specialized in the recovery of wreckage of war and American vehicles which were being used and sold spare parts given the unavailability of such products on the market. The geographical proximity of the Piaggio then allowed a succession of collaborative relationships such that up to 60 years the Taliani managed to win many races purchase of scraps of Vespa

Intuition commercial Giuseppe allows him to identify these wastes a chance to re-use for the production of articles of hardware printed by sheet same.

Around 1950, Joseph felt the need to diversify the activities thus beginning the resale of products steel with the gradual selection of the entire range of iron bars, sheets, pipes, beams and wire rod derivatives is to become the reference stock of Pisa Province. With the advent of a lung disease, Joseph left gradually driving to his son Louis, who despite his young age and the terrible flood of 1967, was able to consolidate and further enlarge the business by transferring the new industrial area of ​​Gello of Pontedera. In 1968 Taliani enters the world of wrought iron components by exposing the products at the Saie in Bologna.

In the years seventy begins producing corrugated sheets , fence nets and to enhance distribution of wrought iron components and related news began to organize a chain of stores. The dream came true and today is the largest organization in Europe for the distribution wrought iron components method Franchising.

The three sons of Louis become part of helping companies to expand business in other sectors, including the stainless steel business and its components. Currently the office operates on an area of ​​about 20,000 square meters divided into 3 main areas: steel products stainless steel and wrought iron .

The largest assortment of Italian wrought iron components
to build:

Iron gates
Iron railings
Railings for windows
Wrought iron beds
Wrought iron balconies
Iron chandeliers
Wrought iron tables
Gazebos in wrought iron
Wrought iron chairs
Iron fences
Pergolas iron
Pergolas iron



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