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The Taliani strong experience accumulated in the field of wrought iron components, organizes concessions to sell or franchising in areas of interest to us and that are not already occupied by our affiliates or resellers.
We offer two options:
Option Grant: for spaces of about 50 mtq without inventory investment and without exclusive sale.
Do not ask registration fees for the right brand.
Option Franchising: for spaces over 300 sqmt with investment in stocks and exclusive sales territory.
For people who want to become self- employed, or craftsmen or traders who want to diversify or expand their business, we ask a great location near major roads and in an area over which gravitate urban conglomerates with an adequate number of inhabitants (about 100,000) and a large number of craft . With the "Self Service" of exposure to the public, we ask a space enough to store shelves in the shop, exhibitors and expected range with a "Show Room" with samples exposed.
Tell us the option of your interest in order to examine the best solution for your business
Call to 0587-292929 and find the ideal solution for your store.


The largest assortment of Italian wrought iron components
to build:

Iron gates
Hollow bars wrought iron
Iron railings
Railings for windows
Wrought iron beds
Iron chandeliers
Wrought iron tables
Pallets iron railings
Iron fences
Hollow bars of iron
Lance wrought iron
Iron studs


























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